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Alamea Jewelry is a Hawaiian company that got their start at arts and crafts fairs on the islands in 1991. As the popularity of their jewelry and the size of their operation grew, their mission to take the most stunning elements in nature and craft them into breathtaking symbols of love expanded to the continental United States and beyond. Today, Alamea jewelry is collected worldwide. The word Alamea is Hawaiian and means precious. The foundation of Alamea jewelry's business is built upon their desire to celebrate life's most precious and unforgettable moments. Their sea life inspired jewelry depicts oceanic animals and symbols like turtles, manatees, waves, fishhooks and more.  They are designed for people who desire to become closer to nature. Alamea jewelry designs are offered in 14Kt gold, sterling silver, and a combination of both metals. Alamea jewelry specializes in original one-of-a-kind designer pieces that are accented with diamonds – fit to make any occasion exceptional.