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The Fossilized Ivory used in Zealandia Designs is responsibly sourced and legal to both carve and own.

Pieces by Zealandia Designs Jewelry use all natural materials. They combine several elements such as silver, ancient fossilized ivory, ammonites, fossil sand dollars, an assortment of colored shells and 14Kt gold fill to create a unique look. The shells and fossils are like human fingerprints, in that no two pieces are alike. Many of her pieces are inspired by coastal characters like whales, turtles and mermaids.

Every Zealandia Designs pendant, earring and other piece is individually hand-crafted in Bali, Indonesia. Jenny likes her designs to tell stories that honor the wisdom ancient people developed to explain and understand the forces surrounding them. At Zealandia Designs jewelry they go to the ends of the earth to create unique jewelry you are sure to love!

Many pieces feature responsibly sourced fossilized walrus tusk. This material can span tones from creamy white to honey, reddish brown to black depending on the length of time it was in the ground and the minerals it was in contact with. The ancient ivory is anywhere from 500 to 3000 years old. It is legally obtained from native-owned land, having been excavated by Eskimo families from old village sites on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. The richness of hues developed by the fossilization process of ancient ivory makes each piece unique.