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Dutch Six Stuiver- "Ship Shilling"

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Silver Dutch Six Stuiver Coin Pendant Dated 1779. Obverse: : Legend around crowned arms with lion rampant, date above, value (6 S) at sides of arms. Reverse: : Latin motto ITA RELINQUENDA UT ACCEPTA, translates to “Spend it as you receive it.” around three masted sailing ship. Ruler: United Provinces; Mint: Zeeland; Country: Netherlands. Framed in 14Kt yellow gold. Dimensions; 1-3/16" diameter and 1-9/16" drop including bail. Certificate of authenticity. Netherlands declared their independence from Spanish domination in 1581 and became the republic of the United Netherlands. During the period 1600-1795, coins were struck by the various cities and provinces. The 6 Stuiver was affectionately known as a “Ship Shilling” by the sailors of the day, as they are the same size and about the same value as the British shilling of the day.



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