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Sanibel Angel with Pearl, Large 14Kt. Click to see story.

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14Kt Yellow Gold Sanibel Angel with Pearl. A Cedar Chest Original Design. 5/8" long, 3/8" wide, 1" drop.

The Story of The Sanibel Angel

A young girl spent her summer vacation at her grandmother’s home on beautiful Sanibel Island. Every day they walked the beach looking for seashells and watching the shorebirds scurry along the water’s edge. It was her best summer ever with so many precious memories of time spent with her Grandma on the Island paradise. As the girl prepared to leave the next day, she prayed for something special to take home as a reminder of her island vacation. The following morning as they walked the beach one last time, a magnificent conch shell washed up on shore. Her Grandma picked it up and said, “If you hold this shell to your ear, you can hear the ocean and always remember our beloved days together on Sanibel.” Our Sanibel Angel, holding a conch shell to her ear, is an enchanting reminder that no prayer is too great or too small to be answered.



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