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Spanish Cob Coin Ring - half reale in Sterling &18Kt

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Spanish 1/2 Real Coin, circa 16-17th Century, in 18Kt Gold Bezel on Sterling Silver Ring.

These historic coins, known to collectors as "cobs" ( a term thought to be a derivative of the Spanish "cabo de barra", or cut from the end of the bar) were minted in silver from the New World riches of the Americas. Of the five silver denominations minted, the largest was the eight reales, or "pieces of eight". The smaller denominations were four reales, two reales, one reale and half reale. Although the full details are not always clear, due in part to the haste with which the coins were produced, the front features a cross, ranging from plain, to one with curved or straight bars on the ends, known as a " Jerusalem cross". The reverse usually depicts the coat of arms of the ruling family of Spain, either the Hapsburgs or the Bourbons, or, on half reales, the monogram of the current ruler.

Dimensions; 3/4" Diameter top, ring size 10. Certificate of Authenticity



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