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Fossil Ammonite Pendant, Sterling

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Sterling Silver Ammonite "Meditation" Pendant.  Zealandia's designers based this Moroccan ammonite pendant around the spectacular symmetry of a 200 million year old fossil. The Moroccan ammonite was a sea creature that died out at about the same time the dinosaurs did. The species died out so completely, in fact, that none of its close relatives remain. What we have left are gorgeous Fibonacci-style spiral fossils that make beautiful ammonite necklaces and ammonite jewelry.

Dimensions: 1 1/2" Drop, 1 1/4" Width

The ancient ivory is anywhere from 500 to 3000 years old. It is legally obtained from native-owned land, having been excavated by Eskimo families from old village sites on St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Colors will vary as each beautiful piece of ancient ivory is uniquely tinted by earthen minerals.



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