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Tibetan Ga-Den Tangka Silver Coin in Sterling Silver

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Tibetan Silver Ga-Den Tangka Coin in Handmade sterling silver Frame.  Circa 1850 - 1880 AD The Thangka’s obverse shows a lotus flower within a circle surrounded by the 8 Buddhist Lucky Symbols: Chattra- Parasol; protection against all evil. Dhvaja- Banner; the victory of Buddha’s teachings. Sankha- Conch; absence of all evil. Shrivasta- An infinite knot; long life and never-ending love. Dharmachakra- Wheel of the Law; the eight spokes represent the eight-fold path of immortality.  Kalasha- vase of abundance; contains water of immortality. Matsyayugma- Golden fish, salvation from suffering, fertility. Padma- The perfect lotus; purity. The reverse shows an 8-petalled wheel/flower within a star surrounded by the legend: “dga’-ldan pho-bran-phyod-las-rnam-rgyal (The Palace of Ga-den is victorious in all directions.)” symbolizing the 8 pathways to enlightenment and good fortune. The legend is written in such a way as to fit into eight circles. This is actually derived from an earlier style in which the characters were inside lotus petals.

The intricate artistry and spiritual power of the coinage type have always been a tremendous lure to collectors



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